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Christmas Table Ribbon | Embroidery Template | embroidery kit

€15,00 inkl. MwSt.

Our "Merry Christmas 1" sampler is now also available as a table ribbon. The fine poinsettias complement each other. It looks nice when sampler and tablecloth are used together at Christmas time! We offer the table band with 13.5 white linen or 15 white linen. If you like, you can also embroider on 13 gauge unbleached linen, but then the embroidery will be a bit airy. The linen has a cut of 50 x 180 cm. Depending on the thickness of the linen, the table strap is between 134 and 120 cm long and between 15 and 13.30 cm wide. The finer the linen, the smaller the embroidery! In addition to our version in red, we now also offer a very elegant version in gold, grey, black and the fine metallic yarn Bourdon. Attention: the template is for the single color version. The embroiderer of the golden variant has to decide in which color the star will be embroidered while embroidering. The aim is to alternate the colors as nicely as possible. Deciding on a case-by-case basis which color fits perfectly increases the fun of embroidery immensely. A section can be seen in our picture. We wish you a nice pre-Christmas period!

Crosses: 100 x 900
Stitches: cross stitch

The embroidery pattern is available individually or as a pack including linen, thread and needle.

Contents of the pack:

  • embroidery template
  • 14-thread linen ribbon
  • 7 yokes of silk yarn Soie d´Alger red
  • embroidery needle
  • or
  • embroidery template
  • white linen
  • 2 caps grey, 2 caps gold, 2 caps black, Bourdon
  • embroidery needle

Design: Dorothee Kandzi

Idea and execution of the variant in gold: Sabine Glaunsinger

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Christmas Table Ribbon | Embroidery Template | embroidery kit

€15,00 inkl. MwSt.

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