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About Au Ver a Soie

Au Ver A Soie: Finest silk threads since 1875

A silk factory with history

After the turbulent days of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, calm returned to Paris with the restoration of the monarchy under Louis XVIII and the citizens went about their daily business. Paris has always been an important trading center, around 1823 Paris also became a center of French industry. Paris became synonymous with luxury goods, and it was only the seal that they came from Paris that made these goods popular in the French provinces. Large department stores belonging to the textile manufacturers now lined the two boulevards rue de Clery and rue de Bourbon-Villeneuve near Les Halles (now the site of the famous Center Pompidou). So it was only natural that the young silk manufacturer AU VER A SOIE settled nearby at 235 rue Saint Denise and supplied the French market with luxurious silk yarns.

Finest French Silk Threads by Au Ver a Soie

Embroidery thread of the highest quality since 1875

In 1875, the company logo that is still used today, the silk worm, was created, which can be seen on all products and publications by AU VER A SOIE. As early as 1878, AU VER A SOIE received the bronze medal for high-quality silk at the world exhibition.

After the First World War, the company moved to 102 rue Réaumur, where it is still based today in an unchanged setting.

The third generation, headed by Louis Boucher, developed the company further, silk was now also being produced for use in surgery, and the technical manufacturing process was constantly being improved. Today, with Marc Boucher and Nathalie Boucher-Bothorel, the fifth generation determines the fate of the company.

AU VER A SOIE is the world market leader in fine silk yarns. Customers continue to be the most important houses of haute couture such as Dior, Lanvin, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Hermès uses the pearl yarn from AU VER A SOIE for all the stitching of its leather products, whether bags, belts or watch straps, the silk from AU VER A SOIE is still the answer to the demand for the highest quality. In addition, AU VER A SOIE serves the market for hobby embroiderers, jewelery manufacturers and designers.

Au Ver A Soie Showroom

Our partner for the finest silk yarn

We are proud to be part of the creative family of AU VER A SOIE and to exclusively represent the silk yarns as a wholesaler in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Find out more about the history and production on the AU VER A SOIE corporate pages

Au Ver A Soie: Finest embroidery thread from France

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