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Our showroom

Since late summer 2017 we have had a showroom that finally puts our threads and embroidery templates in the right light. We now have the opportunity to store and present all our yarns properly and professionally. At the same time, we can offer a significantly larger range of yarns than before. In the appropriate premises, working is even more fun. And of course we can now welcome one or the other customer after prior registration.

There are differently colored drawers for the silk yarns Soie Ovale, Soie de Paris, Soie Gobelins, Soie 1003 and Soie Surfine, which allow us quick access. And our small library on the subject of embroidery and silk also finds its place.

Quite a lot can be stored on the work table, there are extra slots for our embroidery pictures, which we transport from one trade fair to the next. Scissors, needles and measuring tapes are always ready to hand in the drawers.

A sales counter in the middle of the room has the right working height for cutting the fabrics. Fabrics and the Soie d'Alger silk are neatly stowed away on the shelf behind it at room height. And the right side light is also available.

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