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Weihnachtsspezial 2020

Christmas special 2020

You haven't heard from us for a long time. There's something to read again today!

For those who want daily information: just follow us on Instagram and you will always be up to date on the activities of the workshop for historical embroidery patterns: @historic_stickmuster

Christmas is approaching and with it our Christmas special 2020. This time we have designed four patterns and put them up for voting on Instagram. Well over 700 embroiderers took part and selected one of the patterns for the 2020 Christmas special. Our pattern "Shooting Star" was the really clear winner! And here it is:

Of course, they are a bit similar to last year's pattern, but the choice was - as I said - clear! We think the pattern is Christmassy, ​​but so cheerful and lively that it is still fun to look at after Christmas.

This time we changed the rules of the game a bit. For the last few years we have divided our pattern into 24 parts and uploaded one part each day to embroider. This time there are only four pieces of the pattern. That might ease things up a bit and everyone can organize the week until downloading the next part themselves. So on each of the four Sundays in Advent you will receive a section of the pattern here on the blog to download and print out.

We are happy about everyone who embroiders! We will inform you about the fabric size and yarn in good time. Of course you can also simply grab our ready-made yarn package at a special price.

And one more thing: if you follow us on Instagram, you've already noticed that our app is growing and growing. We are pleased to be able to present you with embroidery designs by Jacob de Graaf from Modern Folk Embroidery on the app. Check out @silkstitching on Instagram and see what's happening on the app.

Stay healthy, stay at home and enjoy the creativity of embroidery!

Your team of the workshop for historical embroidery patterns Dorothee and Ute



ich hoffe, dass der newsletter öfter kommt…ich bin nicht auf instergram und Co.

Dorothea Hueber-Kiesel

Oh, da mach ich doch gerne mit. Ob ich jedoch in der Adventszeit dazu komme, weiss ich nicht. Aber nächstes Jahr ist ja wieder Weihnachten und Advent😉
Liebe Grüsse von Doro


Ich mach mit ! Je participe ! I take part ! Tomo parte ! ☺️

Dorothee Kandzi

Hello Sandra,
we start at the 29th of November. That is the date, when you will find the free download here on our blog!

Dorothee Kandzi

Hallo Cornelia,
anmelden muss man sich nicht. Die Vorlage gibt es zum Herunterladen auf unserem Blog. Sie können einfach den Blog besuchen und mitmachen

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