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Servietten zum Besticken

Napkins for embroidery

We have been asked time and again in recent years: Aren't there beautiful serviettes made of the same thread linen for embroidery? Now we have found it. Our popular Lithuanian linen also has excellent quality napkins. On the one hand there is the "Jara" napkin, which, as the name suggests, goes with the "Jara" cushion cover, the "Jara" tea towel and the "Jara" table runner. The red woven stripe runs in the middle. It consists of 10-thread linen and is already pre-washed, which gives the linen its typical crinkled effect. "Jara" looks rustic and gives every picnic a rural flair. We once decorated them on a fine coffee table, that also looks good:

New in the program we have the napkin "Landhaus". This is also 10-thread linen, which is correspondingly easy to embroider. We used our pearl yarn Soie Perlée. Soie Perlée has just the right thread count to cover perfectly on 10-ply linen. The "Landhaus" napkin has a red stripe on each side so that the middle is ideal for embroidery. But see for yourself:

Individually embroidered napkins, if possible with the initials of the hostess, make every coffee table something very special. The "Country House" napkin fits perfectly on the summer garden table, which can be placed under the apple tree in a somewhat rustic and country way.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the "Alanta" napkin. "Alanta" is the finer variant and actually belongs on a festively set coffee table. The linen is delicate and has a fine hemstitch. "Alanta" is available in two variants: white and unbleached.

"Alanta" has a small disadvantage for the embroiderer, the linen does not have the same thread, the warp and weft are made of threads of different strengths. This means that the embroidery motif will be slightly distorted. Depending on which side you embroider from, it stretches a little in length or width. This means that you have to choose exactly which motif could come into question. First rule of thumb: the smaller the subject, the less noticeable the distortion. Corner motifs should not be chosen, because you can see immediately that both sides of the motif are not the same length. Motifs that are square or wreaths are also prohibited. Nevertheless, you can also decorate this serviette with beautiful embroidery patterns. Here's an example:

As you can see we intentionally embroidered the same motif twice to show how the embroidery pattern evolves depending on which side of the napkin you embroider. I prefer the slightly wider variant of this pattern and not the elongated one, but that is a matter of taste.

And now we wish you a wonderful garden summer under the cherry tree!

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