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Produkt des Monats März - Die Entdeckerpäckchen von Au Ver a Soie

Product of the month March - The discovery packages from Au Ver a Soie

Our "Product of the Month" section is about the discovery packages today. For some time now, Au Ver a Soie has been putting together the so-called packs decouverte , which are five yarns of different qualities but one color shade. The discovery packages are intended for getting to know the yarns, for experimenting and trying things out. Three qualities are always included, namely Soie d'Alger , our universal yarn, which is available in 624 colors and adapts wonderfully to different linen strengths from 12-gauge to 16-gauge. Also always included is a spool of Soie Perlée , the slightly thicker pearl thread that comes in 291 colors and goes perfectly with 12 and 13 linen, as well as a metal thread that gives every embroidery shine and highlights.

There are also two other yarns in each packet, either the untwisted Soie Ovale , Soie 1003 , a heavily twisted yarn in sewing thread strength, or the slightly finer Soie Surfine .

The discovery packs are available in a total of 27 shades , so there really should be something for everyone. Of course, the five yarns in a package are significantly cheaper than if you put them together individually.

There are no limits to your imagination when embroidering. We have developed a whole range of embroidery patterns for the discovery packs, which use yarn in a playful way, the so-called starter sets . For one thing, any design can be embroidered in any shade of color. Our embroidery patterns are only suggestions and ideas. On the other hand, we have not clearly assigned a thread quality and a thread number to the respective symbol in our embroidery templates. The only thing we have indicated is how many meters of thread are needed for a color symbol. The yarns have different lengths. For example, there are 16 running meters of yarn on the Soie Perlée bobbin. Soie d'Alger is embroidered in one thread and has 35 meters of yarn. The Soie 1003 bobbin contains 150 meters of yarn. So you just have to look, my yarn is enough for a color symbol, otherwise you are completely free in the distribution of the yarns. All starter sets are embroidered on 14 gauge linen and measure 10 x 10 cm. With a discovery package, you can embroider 2-3 embroidery templates from our starter sets if the yarn is distributed correctly. The embroidery fun begins with working out the distribution of the threads.

With these starter sets, we would like to encourage you to become creative yourself and to develop a feeling for colors and shapes.

If you are really brave and also want to try out our silk ribbons, there are five color shades of the discovery packs that contain silk ribbons.

So on this rainy Sunday it's time to get to the needle!

Perhaps one or the other of you has already had experience with our discovery packages. We would be happy about a small experience report here on the blog.

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