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We are pleased that the new shop of the workshop for historical embroidery designs is ready and is now available to you with all the amenities that a shop can offer.

Our goal was to make the entire shop clear and to rearrange our now large variety of products and make them findable. Not only do the individual categories such as samplers, silk yarns and accessories, by which we mean embroidery accessories in the broadest sense, serve this purpose, but also a search function that makes it possible to find any product in the shop in a matter of seconds.

In addition, we have now integrated a clear shopping cart, which allows you to see what has already been placed in the shopping cart at any time.

We look forward to sharing lots of new products with you, browsing Au Ver a Soie silk yarns, and sharing and experiencing embroidery-related dates and events. We hope that our new start page offers the ideal start.

We are looking forward to your comments about the new shop, which you are welcome to leave here.

Your workshop for historical embroidery patterns


Manuela Wiedorfer

Herzlich willkommen zurück und herzlichen Glückwunsch. Die neue Seite und der neue Shop sind toll geworden. Jetzt macht das Stöbern und shoppen noch mal so viel Spass. Bis bald und liebe Grüße Manuela Wiedorfer


Der neue Shop ist toll geworden, habe schon
reichlich gestöbert und eingekauft.
Besonders schön ist die
Vergleichsmöglichkeit bei den Soie d’ Alger


Wundervoll! Ich freu mich jetzt schon durch den Shop zu stöbern!

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