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The colors of Venice now also as a cushion

"The Colors of Venice", one of our best-selling embroidery designs, is now also available as a cushion. From the nine rectangles in our template, I chose five and embroidered them one below the other to form the center part of a cushion. The embroidered item is bordered with fine gray sewing linen and a grosgrain ribbon in a matching colour. For the back we have chosen a red fabric made from boiled wool, which makes the cushion nice and soft and cozy (Warning: do not wash too hot!) The red wool fabric flashes out at the edges of the cushion, which gives the cushion a fresh and modern touch .

We embroidered on 15 linen so that exactly five rectangles fit on the pillow height of 30 cm. If 15 gauge is too fine for you, you can also choose 13 gauge. Then it is advisable to only embroider four rectangles and to increase the distances between the individual rectangles a little, so that you can easily get back to a height of 30 cm.

By the way, if you already own the embroidery pattern "The Colors of Venice", you can of course also select five completely different rectangles for the pillow. There are no limits to your desire for combinations.

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