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American Homes, english

Vom 28 Juni 2020

American Homes, english



Our new sampler "American Homes" grows every day. This time we let you participate in the creation process and showed you our progress on Instagram, historische_stickmuster, and on Facebook.

The coronacrises gave us some time: many appointments, many leisure activities, many parties and invitations have been canceled. In many cases this is sad, but it gives space for something new.

We have once again been able to concentrate on our extensive library on embroidery and samplers. In the United States in particular, there are some older but still important publications on the subject. When you look at the American samplers, you notice the English influence on the one hand and the central motif of a house on the other. The girls of that time often depicted their parents` house, sometimes with beautiful and touching details. From the study of these books, the idea arose to create a modern house sampler and here it is:

American Homes!

We will publish the chart in a few days. And one thing should be already revealed: there will be a second house sampler. 



1 Kommentar

  • Evi: August 17, 2020

    I look forward … sure I will love it
    To later ….. ;-)

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